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Support for over 50's

Always manned with good old fashioned customer service and specialised equipment for over 50's.

Support for over 50's

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Programs just for you

Not everyone is the same which is why Real 50+'s offer tailored programs that suits your specific goals.

Programs just for you

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Specialised Equipment

State-of-the-art, easy-to-use computerised equipment from Finland specifically built for over 50’s.

Specialised Equipment

Tailored fitness for you

The process
At Real 50+, the experience begins with a comprehensive setup process. The setup process involves three initial consultations.

The first session includes a health and fitness assessment where your physical condition.

The second appointment introduces you to the floor workout routine, emphasising balance training.

The third appointment introduces the HUR program, a unique system to access your personalised workout plan and equipment settings.

We also offer classes, with small class sizes to ensure individual attention and safety. A variety of classes are available, from gentle options like balance and coordination to more intense workouts like TRX and boxing.

Effortlessly start exercising

Members can effortlessly start their exercise by tapping their HUR Fitness Equipment card, with the equipment automatically adjusting settings as they progress, making it easy and motivating.

HUR Fitness Equipment, with over 30 years of innovation, offers a simple and safe exercise solution for members. Using smooth air technology, it seamlessly adapts to users' natural muscle movements, ensuring effective and safe workouts.

Featured on 9 News

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"They say life begins at 40, but over 50s are having the times of their lives..." A report called 'Secrets and Lies' shows 78% of over 50s feel much younger than their age and 2 thirds claim to be living the best years of their lives.

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Real 50+ Online

All members receive access to videos with specifically designed for your over 50’s needs
You can expect our vast library of over 100 videos to provide you with everything you need to for your mind and body including strength, cardio, mental health and mindfulness, balance, stability, coordination, diet and nutrition, stretching and flexibility, perfecting techniques, injury prevention, remedial and easing pain.


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