Sally Bird

Jonathan has created a superb venue, not only with excellent facilities and equipment (especially the HUR machines)


I came across Duke’s by chance, only a couple of weeks after it opened. I wasn’t actively looking to join a gym at that stage as I was doing weekly yoga classes and a fair amount of walking, so considered myself reasonably fit.

However, I was intrigued so decided to check it out and was so impressed with Jonathan’s passion and enthusiasm , as well as the whole concept of a fitness centre purely for the over 50’s, that I joined on the spot……and it was the best thing I’ve done for myself this year!

I soon realised that I wasn’t actually as fit as I thought and quickly saw improvements which I’m keen to maintain, so my twice a week visit for workout or class is now part of my regular routine.

I’ve belonged to a few gyms over the years but have only used them for group classes as I’ve found them quite overwhelming places. My experience has been that you’re really left to your own devices, and I was never really sure how to use the machines correctly so just avoided them.

The atmosphere is some other gyms is a bit competitive and can be quite intimidating, but not so at Duke’s! Jonathan has created a superb venue, not only with excellent facilities and equipment (especially the Hur machines), but he’s managed to create a space which is welcoming, fun and relaxing (well, maybe not so relaxing when you’re doing your work out!).

All the other members I’ve met are friendly and even though we’re all at different levels of fitness and capabilities, there’s never any judgement or sense of competitiveness.

In addition, you know you’re being well looked after. You may at times sense Jonathan’s beady eyes on you while you’re doing your workout but he’s simply checking that you’re using the equipment correctly, so as not to cause an injury and ensure that you’re getting maximum benefit.

Well done Jonathan for the inspiration to launch Duke’s, and the success you’ve had so far!

Sally Bird

Finance Manager Fast Finance