HUR Fitness Equipment

Leading the way for over 50s

HUR Fitness Equipment matches your body's natural muscular movement using smooth air technology. The result is a safer, more effective exercise.

The Technology

HUR has led the way for 30 years, pioneering solutions to the problems of providing safe and motivating exercise solutions. Our equipment helps members maintain or regain the life they want to lead, helps therapists to work efficiently with result-based outcomes.

HUR utilise air cylinders connected to a near-silent air compressor for generating the resistance needed for strength training. These cylinders are safely hidden away in the frames of the equipment.

Air cylinders give smooth and consistent resistance across the range of motion. This reduces stresses on joints and tissues and entirely avoids the risk of accidents from overloading muscles. This is especially important for seniors.

With air resistance starting loads can be near-zero and increments can be as low as 100g. This means even the frailest can start exercising and can make improvements without ‘trying to do too much.’ Exercise equipment that uses air resistance is nearly silent. Our gyms are places for conversation and laughter and mutual encouragement - a big difference from traditional gyms.

Computer Control
HUR SmartTouch allows for fully automated and independent exercising. This means that there is no need for the user to adjust the seat and lever arm positions*, nor the resistance or repetitions.

Once a user ‘taps-on’ to a piece of equipment, everything is automatically prepared, including their individualised exercise programme.

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