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How it all started
Hi, my name is Jonathan Duke the Founder of Real 50+. I have been a Personal Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist for over 13 years.

I was driving home one night and thought to myself why isn’t there any facilities in the fitness industry specialising in the over 50's age bracket? We have specialised gyms for women, children, athletes, body builders and the list went on. This made no sense as life expectancy is getting longer and the Australian population is getting older at a rapid rate.

As you grow older, you face more physical and mental issues, but more importantly, we have found that more than 9 out of 10 over 50’s that come to our Health Club either express their anxiety about re-entering a gym environment due to being looked at as too old or disappointed with the lack of specific programs, equipment and support they the receive.

Be safe

and have fun
Real 50+ is a Health & Fitness Club that is a safe and fun place for over 50’s to keep strong and stay fit so they can enjoy life to its absolute fullest.

Every part of our facility is tailored to this age group including our strong passion for old fashioned customer service which we pride ourselves on. It is time for the over 50’s to shine!


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HUR Australia

When Jonathan Duke initially contacted HUR Australia more than eight years ago, he had a clear vision on what he wanted to create – a fitness facility for people over fifty years of age, a health club with a friendly atmosphere, fitted with equipment that allows everyone to exercise despite fitness and health status, a “living room” for friends where the best health is achieved in friendly, supportive company.

Since opening the site, Real 50+ (previously Duke’s) has been thriving and attracting people who want to take charge of their health and wellness. Even through the tough Covid years Jonathan’s passion, drive and innovation were unstoppable. An online platform that supported all members, was created quickly, ready to support all members and attracting even more people, indeed the business grew throughout the toughest times in Melbourne.

Jonathan’s passion, vision and drive have made Real 50+ a health hub with a purpose. When you enter the site, you are greeted with friendliness, and surrounded with people training towards their goals, all with a smile on their face, ready to welcome and support new fellow members. Supported by the testimonials from clients throughout the years, Jonathan has truly fulfilled his original vision and created a place where age doesn’t matter, where health and wellness are reached amongst friends having fun while working towards their goals.

- Dr Tuire Karaharju-Huisman
Physiotherapist, Accredited Exercise Physiologist (ESSAM), PhD (Biomechanics)

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