Key Exercises for Over 50s


Balance could not be more Important! We need it all the time in everyday life, it keeps us upright. “Falls prevention” is a subject that is talked about all the time when it comes to over 50’s. In my eyes this does no just apply to people over 50, anyone over the age of 30 should be working on this as this is the age that our muscles start to deteriorate if we don’t work on them. It is important to practice this on a regular basis, even something as simple as standing on one leg for a minute each is a good exercise and testing toll to maintain good balance.

Hand/Eye coordination:

This is something we lose just as quick as balance. As soon as we hit an age where we stop playing ball sports and activities which use these skills, they start deteriorating. It is simple to keep these honed in, start with something simple like tossing a ball into the air from one hand to the other. You will be surprised how fast this improves and then you can advance to throwing a ball at a wall and catching it with the same hand, try it out.

Weight bearing exercises:

We all know how important weight bearing exercise is for all of us, but not enough of us dedicate time to it. When we hit about the age of 30 our lean muscle mass starts to deteriorate if we don’t consistently put them under load, so from this age onwards it is very important to make weight bearing exercises part of our routine. By doing this we can rebuild or even better, prevent issues like bone density, cartilage.

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