How to exercise safely

At Duke’s we like to keep things simple yet effective, especially when it comes to the type of exercises that are prescribed. At the beginning of taking on a new exercise program it is important that you start at an easy/moderate intensity and continue to build slowly from there. It is much more effective to build slowly with consistent and continuous improvement rather than trying to build too fast and going through the constant cycle of having to take 6-8 weeks to recover from an injury and having to start again.

We also take the same approach when it comes to how the exercises are done. When it comes down to it, if you stick to a few simple rules when exercising you can stay safe and enjoy yourself with close to no risk of injury.

The Magic rules are: Chin up – You need to keep you head, neck and spine in line at all times.

Shoulders back and down – This prevents straining your shoulders and neck which can lead to neck and shoulder problems.

Tummy tight – You should keep your stomach core/abs activated at all times, this will protect your lower back and make you stronger.

Breathing – Make sure you are breathing! By doing this it is much easier to keep you heart rate and blood pressure under control.

Of course, there are many small technical aspects we can pick out of exercise movements but if you keep these few in mind you will be much safer when exercising.

Last but not least is what most people seem to forget. Don’t forget that all of the points above start before the exercise and well after, when you are getting your equipment ready before you perform the exercise and when putting them away is a critical time because we forget to apply the rules we apply during the exercise.

Safe training everyone!

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