Victor Lazar

Personal Trainer
In my youth I trained at Eddie Swan’s Health Club and was also a part-time trainer at Brendan Edwards Sports Centre. I developed a keen interest in health, fitness and nutrition and the science of training over the years. After some serious personal health issues, I was inspired to complete my Certificate III & IV in Fitness and get my own life on track. Fitness training made a huge difference to my own health and mental wellbeing which I’ve shared, by coaching clients, family and friends over the years. This has resulted in my new chosen career path as a Personal Trainer after having been a Finance Manager for the last 40 years.

About Me

Over the years I have competed in State table tennis competitions, Australian Red Cross Murray Marathons, World Masters Games, I have a Level 2 proficiency in sea kayaking, was an accredited Coach with Football Federation Australia and coached juniors for 3 years with Caulfield Soccer Club.I continue to train weekly under the mentorship of a strength and conditioning coach to gain first hand experience, new and improved techniques and fresh ideas in fitness.