Michele Topcu

Personal trainer

My passion lies in helping others reconnect with themselves not just physically but also mentally . 

Fitness for me is not just about gaining muscle it’s about reconnecting with yourself and giving yourself a greater understanding of the workings of the body , secondary gains to this are the positive physical changes that come from the work that you put in, which can only help build your self confidence .

I just love being able to help others achieve their goals .

About Me

I have always had a love for fitness and movement as far back as I remember.I had a professional dance career from teenage years and ended up performing all over the world with a band who topped the charts at no. 1 .I moved to Paris to continue dancing and ended up directing shows and naturally helping dancers with their fitness and conditioning.After a severe injury which saw me step back from dancing , I had to find other ways to keep my body and mind healthy and stimulated.