Glenn King

Personal Trainer

I have many years’ experience training at various gyms. I enjoy exercising and the satisfaction I feel when I have completed a gym workout, bike ride or even a walk. I have competed in various sports over the years and I have always strived to do my best. Through physical training I was able to achieve my full potential in my chosen sports. I enjoy maintaining fitness, however as I get older, my focus is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping active and being rewarded with the many health benefits this brings.

About Me

As a qualified Personal Trainer, I enjoy helping clients who are keen to maintain their fitness or would like to commence a fitness program for the first time. For those wishing to challenge themselves, I recommend a boxing session which is a great Cardiovascular workout. I specialise in Strength Training which is great for maintaining lean muscle while increasing bone strength and density. I believe that training must be fun and I am thrilled when my clients enjoy their training sessions. I want to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.