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As a Duke's member, receive access to 24-hour streaming videos with regular fresh videos all specifically designed for your over 50’s needs. You can expect our vast library of over 100 videos to provide you with everything you need to for your mind and body including strength, cardio, mental health and mindfulness, balance, stability, coordination, diet and nutrition, stretching and flexibility, perfecting techniques, injury prevention, remedial and easing pain.


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For over 50’s balance, stability and coordination is something that you should be working on just about every day. By regularly completing my videos, you will prevent falls and make day-to-day life easier.

Getting your heart rate up and huffing & puffing is very important to keep your cardiovascular health in check and to keep your weight under control.

We all know how important our core and abdominals are to support a healthy lower back and increase your overall strength & stability. By regularly completing my videos you will feel improvements in no time.

Mental health and mindfulness can be easily forgotten when it comes to your health. I will help you by showing you the right way to stay motivated, mindful and above all happy. A healthy mind means a healthy body.

In here you will find a range of workouts you can print out and videos to follow so you can be sure you are doing it correctly and get the most out of your workout.

Perfecting your technique and form is very important to prevent injuries. Make sure you are getting the most out of each exercise and continue steady improvements.

If you have aches, pains or niggles, this is the area for you. I will show you how to loosen up those sore spots, stretch those tight and tired muscles & strengthen them up to prevent any issues coming back.

Weight-bearing and strengthening exercises should be done regularly to increase muscle mass, stop muscle atrophy, build bone density & cartilage and build stronger muscle to support your joints to prevent wear & tear.

We can all do with more flexibility and mobility, by staying on top of this with regular stretching after each workout, you will maintain & improve your flexibility, range of motion, mobility and prevent getting injured.

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